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Boston Fire Department Chooses Darley Pumps

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In the city where the Revolutionary War began, another revolution continues to spread, that is the Darley Pump Revolution. While perhaps not of as high of consequence to the American general public, those who protect these citizens have continued to gravitate to Darley pumps. Boston has become the most recent major fleet to wave the Darley Pump banner. After thoroughly reviewing and researching all available manufacturers and products on the market, Boston selected the Darley PSM pump.

Working with E-One and dealer Greenwood Emergency Vehicles, the Boston FD has placed 23 Pumpers in service in 2017 all equipped with the PSM. Lt. Jim O’Brien commented to Jason Darley, “It was a tough process determining what would be the best pump product as we look to rejuvenate and standardize our fleet to meet the current needs of the Boston FD and the customers we serve. After working with your team, we are convinced that not only do we have the best available product, but also the strongest support team possible in Darley to serve the city’s current and future needs.”

The PSM in the Boston pumpers is rated at 1250 GPM and utilizes Darley’s “Large Eye Impeller.” This combination allowed the FD to save some crucial space and weight against the vehicles GVWR while not sacrificing flow capabilities. The combination being fed from hydrants has flowed in excess of 1900 GPM allowing the FD to feel confident in the pump’s ability at multiple alarm fires. For more information on the PSM pump used in Boston, or, to determine what Darley pump will best suit your FD contact Jason Darley, North American Sales Manager at JasonDarley@Darley.com or by cell at 715-456-9390.