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Boat Builders Guide to Fireboy-Xintex

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In 2017 the Coast Guard recorded that 13% of all non-collision recreational boating accidents were caused by fire. The danger of boat fires is readily apparent and recreational boaters put a lot of weight on fire safety when making a purchase. Boat builders need to alleviate the boater’s fear by having a safe and reliable fire detection and suppression system, that’s where Fireboy-Xintex comes in.

Fireboy-Xintex is a designer and manufacturer of marine fire suppression, fire detection, gas detection, and tank monitors. Whether it’s a recreational or commercial marine vehicle, Fireboy-Xintex has products designed to keep marine vehicles safe from fire. Their designs are rigorously tested and support a variety of ship sizes.

The Fireboy-Xintex FR series of fire detectors are designed for recreational marine vehicles. It is a versatile, compact, user-friendly, intelligent network system. Normally these systems are quite expensive, but the FR system is designed to be an affordable and user-friendly solution to boat builders. The FR system uses a central panel that is networked to the fire detection devices around the ship. The central panel can be installed in an area that is easily visible to those aboard the vessel.


The commercial market has larger vessels which require more detection systems. The Elite RSM is Fireboy-Xintex’s commercial fire detection system. It uses innovative microprocessor technology to provide a feature full control system that is flexible and reliable. An Elite RSM control panel can host 128 detectors per digital loop. If that’s not enough for a commercial marine vehicle, the Elite RSM can add additional panels and digital loops to expand the number of detectors to over 256.

Elite RSM

Every fire detection system needs a good fire suppression system. Fireboy is the most trusted brand in onboard clean agent fire protection. Their FES Series will suppress surface burning fire in Class A, B, and C hazards. When the system activates each nozzle discharges the fire suppression agent, covering a 17,500 cubic foot area. It’s important for shipbuilders to prioritize extinguishing fires while also keeping the ship’s crew safe. Fireboy-Xintex’s suppression agent is safe and can extinguish flames in seconds.


Boat fires are a fear for everyone onboard a marine vehicle shipbuilders need to keep them in mind when selecting which fire detection and suppression systems they will use. Fireboy-Xintex offers innovative and flexible solutions that will not only keep the ship safe but also provide a sense of security to the people on board.