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Inside Darley Podcast: Best Practices for Pump Maintenance

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Kevin sits down with Francis Enos to talk about pump repair. Francis operates Francis Enos Fire Pump Repair, a full service fire apparatus repair and NFPA pump testing business in Ferndale California.

Francis has experience working on a variety of different pumps and has found the most common problems that befall pumps.  Francis tells us that most of a pump’s problems can be prevented by practicing proper maintenance.

One of the problems that can occur in a pump is the packing can begin to leak. Francis told us that not staying vigilant when using a pump could cause it to overheat and cause leaking. Fiber packing is supposed to leak a little but mechanical packing shouldn’t leak at all.

Flushing a pump is one of the most common forms of preventative maintenance and one of the most important. Unfiltered water can cause all sorts of problems in a pump; by flushing the pump every month a fire department can extend the life of their pump.

Finally, Francis let us know about problems that can arise from not changing the oil in a pumps gearbox. It’s not uncommon for water to find its way into a gearbox. Francis recommends changing the oil every 6 months and periodically checking in between for excess water.

Pump Maintenance can be a lot of work but we do it because it can keep a pump working at a high level for a long time.

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