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ATVs - A Growing Market Segment in Fire & Defense Markets

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The market for All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) has increased dramatically in recent years in recreational, military and fire and emergency services. ATVs and UTVs, whatever you choose to call them, are an economical and practical solution for many fire departments.

Just ask Kimball Johnson at KIMTEK, “We’ve sold over 2000 fire and emergency vehicles in the last 10 years. Every fire suppression system had one thing in common – a Darley Pump.” Kimball is a true Darley Demander and he’s proud to incorporate the relationship with Darley in his most recent advertisement that appears in all major fire publications.

Kimball has deep roots in the fire service and knows all too well the financial burdens small, rural public safety agencies face. While serving as Fire Chief for Westmore VFD in Vermont, he was looking for a rescue trailer, rescue sled or slide in unit for his department and saw advantages and disadvantages to the current models on the market. He felt there could be a better design and he and his team of designers set out to come up with a rugged, lightweight and affordable rescue unit. The MEDLITE® Transport was born!

Today, KIMTEK offers an entire series of medical rescue MEDLITE® Transports, one to meet almost any need and budget. The FIRELITE® Transport series offers an impressive lineup of fire/rescue slip on skid units. To learn more, visit

Another company that has truly grown in this ATV/UTV market is RKO Enterprises, of Madison, Indiana. Under the leadership of President Kieth Olson, this company makes a wide variety of custom built quick attack and rescue vehicles. While RKO offers some base standard units, they carved a niche with specialized systems. Kieth comments, “Our team’s experience and diverse backgrounds in custom design, fire and rescue, metalworking, welding and engineering will ensure every job for every customer is world-class in quality with our promise to stand behind every order.” RKO is proud to have been picked by Polaris as the exclusive partner for the Fire Rescue market. To learn more about them, visit their website: