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Versa Fresh Pak

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  • Pump Info

    An easy to use water treatment system that will produce safe drinking water from any fresh water source.

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  • Performance

    • Truck or generator powered (12vdc) = approx. 20 hours, 1000 gpd
    • Solar powered (optional 62 watt foldable solar module) = approx. 6 hours sunlight = 325 gpd
    • Emergency powered, Internal 12vdc battery (20 AH) = approx. 4 hours = 200 gpd

  • Features

    • Manual Backwash, CIP (clean in place) and MIT (membrane integrity tester)
    • Quiet operation, 12vdc pump at ~1gpm, 6 ft suction lift
    • The membrane physically block out and remove 99.99% of pathogens from water supply

    • Hard case, Pelican case complete system is 50lbs
    • Soft case, Military backpack complete system is 40lbs

    • 12vdc pump at approx. 1gpm production rate, 6 feet suction lift

    Maintenance Procedures:
    • Manual Backwash, CIP (clean in place) and MIT (membrane integrity tester)

    • Hoses, MIT, CIP, 5 lbs
    • Optional solar panels, 3lbs

  • Applications

    Disaster Preparation, Disaster Response, Military, Humanitarian

  • Technology

    • Pump strainer
    • Sediment pre filter (or specialty cartridge)
    • Ultra filtration Membrane
    • GAC post filter

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