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Home Firefighting Cart Systems

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  • Pump Info

    Darley® is excited to introduce the Home Firefighting® Cart System, a unique system designed especially for private landowners. The system, marketed through, features a specially configured Darley Davey Pump on a customized heavy duty wheeled cart, complete with suction hose, fire hoses and high volume firefighting nozzles.

    The system is capable of pumping water from a pool, lake or tank, and provides a high pressure stream of water or Class A firefighting foam to keep homes and property protected until the fire department can arrive. Depending upon the homeowner’s particular situation, a fire blocking gel delivery system may be added to optimize use of a limited water supply and provide a spray on/walk-away coating to structures and other fuels.

    “The primary use for the system is to allow you to defend your defensible space and prevent your property from becoming a secondary fire incident due to falling ash and embers”, said Dave Evraiff, designer of the system. Dave worked closely with Darley to develop the Home Firefighting System in response to the need to protect his own home in Pollock Pine, CA.

    The system provides on-site fire protection for those who live in wildfire prone areas. While we don’t advise homeowners’ to stay with their home and directly fight a raging wildfire, with the right preparation, proper equipment and a sound plan, a homeowner can make a difference.

    Several types of systems and a variety of accessories including hoses, nozzles, foam, gel and protective gear. Everything a homeowner needs to allow you to Defend Your Defensible Space® before the fire department arrives.

  • Features

    Customized heavy-duty wheeled cart, suction hose, fire hoses and high volume nozzles.

  • Applications

    Home firefighting