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4600 Blast Hole Pump

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    This unit features a 6 inch diameter, single stage, hydraulically powered progressive cavity, positive displacement pump for field proven process performance under adverse conditions. Manually controlled hydraulics extend, retract and swing the boom from side to side allowing easy positioning of pump head and hole guard over the blast hole. Manually controlled level wind provides for smooth hose build up. Manually controlled hydraulic valve permits raising and lowering of pump head with infinite speed control. Hydraulic reverse allows for cleaning of drill cuttings. The pump automatically stops pumping and an indicator light signals when the dewatering cycle is completed. This unit features a 35 HP Diesel engine and comes standard with 100 feet of Tri-hose for 80 foot deep blast holes, or optional 200 ft Tri-hose and reel for 180 foot blast holes.

    This unit is self contained and designed for truck or trailer mounting.