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Bag-in-Box Water

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  • About This Product

    Engineered to provide, safe, potable water in a box while preserving the quality, freshness and flavor of your water.  This concept is practical, hygienic and environmentally-friendly.

    Extended 3-year shelf life.

    Purified Premium Drinking Water

    Palletization and Shipping made easy with cube design

    Produced in USA

    Optimized to be airdropped / CDS out of a C-130 in A-22 Cargo Bag, or shipped via truck / trailer over land.

  • Features

    Rugged Plastic

    Flexible package withstands outside stress damage.  Development of a water-grade film made from specific materials and guaranteeing product quality both before and after opening.  EVOH-based co-extruded outer film offering excellent aroma protection.


    Cube design allows for easy stacking & logistics.  Box can be utilized as a self- contained hydration station, or can be broken down to distribute single bag can be to individual.


    Single use Water bag.  Water is protected from light and air during the entire storage period, thus avoiding risk of bacterial contamination. No cross contaminated water is served to warfighter.


    Water is purified by Reverse Osmosis, Micron Filtered, Carbon Filtered and Protected by Ozonation.


    100% recycled and recyclable cardboard box.

  • Dimensions

    Unit size 10”X 10”X 8.25
    Pallet size 41.25” x 31” x 48.75”
    2.64 Gallons / 10 Liters per box
    60 Boxes per pallet
    23 LBS per Box
    1,435 LBS per pallet