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  • Pump Info

    300 HP Split Shaft PTO, Torque Rating
    Up to 19,300 ft. lbs.

  • Features

    2½” shaft
    Complete mounting kit and lock-on universal joint for front and rear shafts
    Air shift
    1410 companion flange on output shaft
    Opposite engine rotation - gear ratio: 0.93 to 1 thru 1.20 to 1
    Engine rotation - gear ratio: 1:62 to 1 thru 3.19 to1

  • Options

    Electric Shift, Hydraulic drive flange, Parking brake

  • Applications

    Drives rear mounted pumps
    Driveline for foam, generator, and hydraulic systems

  • Dimensions

    28"L x 9"W x 22"H, 225 lbs. (102 kg)

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