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Versa Sea Pak

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  • Pump Info

    The Versa Sea Pak purifies up to 360 gallons of water per day from nearly any water source in the world including sea water.  Darley is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of the world’s highest quality water treatment systems. The Darley Versa Sea Pak has been tested and approved by the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and disaster/humanitarian relief agencies around
    the world. Darley’s compact portable system can be set up by a single operator, producing safe water in less than ten minutes.

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  • Performance

    • Truck or generator powered (12 or 24 VDC) = approx. 20 hours 160 GPD
    • Solar powered (optional 124 watt foldable solar module) = approx. 6 hours sunlight = 100 gpd
    • Emergency powered, Internal 12vdc battery (20 AH) = approx. 5 hours = 75 gpd
    • 12 watts per gallon / 108 watts per hour

  • Features

    • Green to red prefilter monitor
    • Color-coded quick disconnect hoses
    • Quiet operation, 12vdc pump at approx. 1gpm, 10 ft suction lift
    • The membrane physically block out and remove 99.99% of pathogens from water supply

    • Hard case, Pelican case complete system is 60lbs, 75 lbs with solar
    • Modular configuration, three components approx. 30 lbs each

    • Hoses, Membrane cleaner, TDS monitor, Spare Filters

  • Applications

    Disaster Preparation, Disaster Response, Military, Humanitarian

  • Technology

    • Pump strainer
    • Sediment pre filter (or specialty cartridge)
    • Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • Operation Manual

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