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  • Features

    900 lbs. - 1,100 lbs. (Approximate weight range)
    6 bolt attachment to frame rail, turnkey package
    PTO driven
    Single side 6” suction intake
    Fully engineering side slung module
    Darley AutoControl™ governor
    Darley rotary vane primer
    2” Akron push-pull controlled tank fill
    4” Darley tank to pump swing check valve assembly
    Water level gauge


    Optional transmission mounting angle for improved driveline angles (varies from chassis to chassis)
    6” butterfly valve, manual hand wheel controlled
    3 – Panel mounted 2-1/2” discharges (Optionally lever or push-pull controlled)
    Up to 3 - 3” Akron electrically actuated water only discharges (LDH passenger, LDH rear, LDH monitor/deck gun, LDH front bumper, etc.)
    1 - 3” Akron electrically actuated water/foam discharge
    3 - 2” Akron push-pull controlled water/foam discharges for cross-lay, speed-lay, or front discharge
    Foam level gauge
    Foam Pro 2001/2002 system

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