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    Sand Trap Water Removal System
    Darley designed a pump system that would remove water quickly from bunker traps on golf courses. Using the reliable Darley Dolphin™ floating pumps as a starting baseline, the end result is the BunkerBLASTER™. BunkerBLASTER™ is designed to immediately reduce time, labor and equipment costs with our “One Operator” innovation. One operator can effectively clear the most saturated bunker in a fraction of the time conventional maintenance crews clear bunkers today. Any size, slope, and/or condition, BunkerBLASTER™ will immediately prove to be the most effective solution for flooded sand traps and water saturated playing areas throughout golf course grounds. The discharge nozzle allows the operator to direct water to the nearest drainage area effortlessly.

    • Blaster’s™ innovative and patented design will operate with all today’s bunker tractors simply and effortlessly
    • Blaster’s™ one operator innovation immediately reduces time, labor, and material costs
    • Blaster™ pumps 300 gallons of water per minute clearing an average size bunker within 8-10 minutes
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  • Engine

    Briggs & Stratton 12.5 HP engine

  • Features

    • Attaches to the back rake harness of any bunker rake 2 mins.
    • Lightweight at 123 lbs. but durable
    • Flow Rate 300 gpm
    • Horizontal Discharge Distance: 68-90 ft.
    • Swivel nozzle discharges water 180° over 90 ft.
    • Requires minimal storage space, roughly 2.5 sq. ft.


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