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Fire Pumps, Fire Apparatus, Fire and Defense Equipment

  • Steve Chamberlin
  • Engineer, Odin Foam Division
  • Direct: 319.987.2121


Foam Proportioners
The Odin Foam Division offers three foam proportioners for Class A applications. These systems are easy to operate, reliable and are low maintenance. They operate on 12 vdc. A complete installation kit comes standard with each unit.
PTO Compressor Kits
150 and 200 cfm compressors are an economical alternative for retrofitting existing vehicles with CAFS or ideal for new installations. Kits include control panel and Odin AutoBalance™ valves. Kits also available in completely assembled and tested modules.
Odin Engine Driven CAFS
Odin offers a wide variety of self contained CAFS including gas and diesel engines with both side and rear mount panels.
Darley AutoCAFS™
Darley offers the world’s largest variety of midship, PTO, front and rear mount pumps with CAFS.