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Darley FDIC Booth Tour

​Take a video tour of the Darley booth at FDIC 2021 and see all the new technology Darley has available on www.darley.com and www.edarley.com.

Inside Darley August 2021

In the August edition of Inside Darley, Paul discusses human resource challenges and how to prepare for them.

Inside Darley July 2021

In the July 2021 edition, Paul discusses family business best practices, our recent fire service Home Day, and the upcoming FRI and FDIC shows.

Sheldon Community Fire & Rescue, TX - 4 High Water Pumpers

Troy Carothers takes us on a detailed walk through apparatus job 3473, a recent delivery to Sheldon Community Fire & Rescue.

Inside Darley June 2021

On this edition of Inside Darley, Paul looks to explore current trends in marketing including where print and trade show marketing fits into the mix. Featured is an article by Lori Moore-Merrell on data in the fire service. Also featured is a recent talk given to the FDSOA on leadership and emotional intelligence. Stick around at the end for an interview with Eric Schlett of Clarion on this year’s (and future) return of the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference.

Inside Darley May 2021

On this issue of Inside Darley, Paul discusses the NFPA Fire Loss report, Darley’s involvement with the NFPA since the 80’s, eDarley’s Latin America website, articles from McKinsey and Harvard Business to help business post pandemic, What’s Next for Leaders of Midsize Companies, tradeshows, and an exclusive interview with NFPA CEO Jim Pauley.

Inside Darley April 2021

On this issue of Inside Darley, Paul discusses The Spring Summer issue of the Darley Times, President Biden’s Interim National Security Strategic Guidance, Austin Lloyd’s March 4th memo to the DoD, Navy Fire & Emergency News– What’s Happening, the FDSOA’s virtual meeting, and an exclusive interview with Ray Palumbo.

Inside Darley March 2021

On this issue of Inside Darley, Paul discusses the devastation in Texas, the Darley Safe Water box, the increase in disasters, FEMA releasing 1.85 billion dollars in grants, Amara’s law, CEO confidence level, and an exclusive interview with Garry Briese.

Inside Darley February 2021

On this issue of Inside Darley Paul discusses the Darley Leadership University, 9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2021 and Beyond, his favorite podcasts, Smart Firefighting’s podcast and upcoming webinar, and Matthew McConaughey’s new book.

Erickson Park Capital Campaign

Imagine a beautiful lake nuzzled inside of a vast forest, where fish sprang to life, snatching insects that buzzed across the liquid plain; where families could sit on a dock and cast their fishing lines into the water.

Inside Darley January 2021

As we start 2021 on a bit of a hectic note, we hope that everyone can come together and work toward a unified and positive future for our grandkids. Darley is off to a great start in 2021 as the Darley team continues to adapt and improve in the new environment created by the pandemic. We are proud to release our December 2020 Inside Darley video series. On this issue of Inside Darley Paul discusses the CEO confidence report, the S&P 500 bouncing back, 5-year strategic plans, megatrends to look out for, the NFPA report, and more in this issue.

Flow Profile: Doug Buch, PaveDrain

Doug Buch is the owner of the revolutionary PaveDrain company