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Inside Darley Podcast: Episode 13 - Bill Burke

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Fire-Dex started out in 1983 as a company that manufactured welding and leather gloves, in 1984 they started producing structural firefighting gloves. Over the years Fire-Dex has evolved to become a leader in the fire industry with their light and efficient turnout coats and hoods. Most recently Fire-Dex has pioneered their TECGEN Fiber allowing them to create light, thin, and flexible material without sacrificing thermal protection.

Fire-Dex keeps in mind the problems firefighters face day by day, heat exhaustion, for instance, has always been a big problem for firefighters. Each year turnout gear becomes better at protecting firefighters from the heat of fires but to do that turnout gear has gone up in weight. Turnout gear shields the firefighter from excess heat, but that same shield insolates the heat coming from the firefighter. The heavier the equipment a firefighter wears the faster their internal temperature rises, the faster their internal temperature rises the higher the risk for heat exhaustion. Fire-Dex’s TECHGEN71 has the same protection but with the added advantage of being lighter and more flexible which keeps the firefighter cooler.

Fire-Dex continues to innovate and look for new ways to aide active firefighters. From their TECHGEN line to their efforts to reduce cancer risk with their H41 Interceptor Hood which blocks 95% of particulates at .2 micron in size or larger. Fire-Dex pushes the fire industry to be smarter, safer, and better.

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