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Inside Darley Podcast: Episode 12 - Kromek

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Kevin Good is the Director of Business Development - Homeland Security at Kromek Group plc. Kevin has over 18 years of experience in the first responder industry. Kromek is a leading developer of radiation detection solutions based on high-performance sensor materials.

Kevin Good talks about the D3S ID which is Kromek’s newest wearable RIID (Radioisotope Identification Device). The device is a similar size and weight of a phone and just as easy to use. The device is capable of detecting gamma and neutron isotopes, which will allow first responders to detect and identify these isotopes. The D3S ID was extensively tested and characterized in multiple DNDO and DARPA programs.

For more information on Kromek visit here.

If you are part of a military organization and looking to procure some of these devices contact a Darley Defense rep.