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Illinois Fire Chiefs Association 68th Annual Conference

By: Darley Team
Posted On: September 19 2018

In the early years of The IFCA Annual Conference traveled around the State of Illinois.  Departments submitted proposals to host the Annual Conference.  The Chief and his department planned the evening events and chose the Conference Gift to represent their city.  The Chief’s wife planned and hosted the Women’s program.  Exhibits at conferences began with a few table top displays setup in a hotel hallway then to a larger room within a hotel and maybe a few apparatus outside to today where we occupy over 108,00 square feet of the Peoria Civic Center with everything under one roof.

In 1991 the Executive Board determined that the Annual Conference would only be held in fully sprinklered buildings.  Peoria’s Civic Center and adjacent hotels fit the requirement, was centrally located and the Peoria Fire Department welcomed the opportunity to host the Illinois Fire Chiefs on an annual basis.

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