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XVR Simulation develops training software for safety and security professionals.

XVR "All Hazards" Simulation offers a flexible, highly realistic Virtual Reality (VR) simulation solution to train all levels of emergency responders.  Everyone who operates on the incident ground can use XVR to train their hazard recognition and communication skills.  Incident commanders and division leaders can use XVR to improve their leadership and incident command skills. 

Individual Training

With the individual setup the participant is immersed in a virtual scenario while the instructor can adjust the scenario based on the participants decisions. This setup is excellent for individual training or assessment of a certain skill set.

Classroom Training

The classroom setup is used for triggering a group discussion about a virtual scenario. Discussions can focus on incident approach, carrying out the first reconnaissance or making the first deployment decisions.

Team Training

The team setup allows you to train multiple participants in single or multi agency exercises. Team training exercises are well suited to train communication and reporting skills between the incident commander and division leaders during a large incident.

A powerful learning tool

Incidents are called incidents for a reason. Thankfully they only happen incidentally. Emergency response personnel is however expected to be prepared and trained to respond capably to every scenario imaginable

XVR contains interactive virtual rescue professionals of all emergency services with their ground, aerial and water-based transport means. It also features a very large collection of fire & rescue, medical and law enforcement rescue materials. The virtual crews can be animated to show realistically incident response behavior including wearing correct personal protective clothing, set up and use the response equipment as well as rescue people and perform correct hazmat mitigation actions.

Fully immersive training

The flexibility of the XVR Platform allows you to create any scenario you want, scalable and localized to your own situation. Because of the flexibility, you are able to create endless training scenarios that can scale from self administered instruction to multi-agency programs.

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Flexible, reliable & user-friendly simulation tools where learning is key and the instructor is in control. The XVR library of thousands of virtual “props” allows the user to create an unlimited number of incident scenarios in one of the many 3D urban, industrial and natural environments. The intelligent virtual props can be used to create fire and hazardous materials scenarios, rescue and mass casualty incidents as well as natural disasters. The library also contains hundreds of realistic virtual humans including casualties, bystanders and a variety of professionals. Avatars are available in a variety of ethnicities and age groups.

On the scene

The XVR On Scene module is perfect to train operational and tactical level (bronze and silver) emergency responders. XVR On Scene provides the trainee with an interactive and immersive 3D view of the incident scenario. The scenario is completely adaptable to your local situation.

XVR supports your professionals to be better prepared and use the ICS system effectively and efficiently. XVR will help increase preparedness and as result create a safer environment for responders and help reduce injury or fatalities and damage to property. XVR can be used in training courses which support NIMS and NFPA requirements. XVR also aligns with the guiding principles for exercise programs set out in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

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