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Equipment of FDIC part 2

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The second installment of our FDIC equipment series brings products from Fire-Dex, Key Fire Hose, and Akron Brass into the fold. Fire-Dex will have their full-featured TECGEN PPE Turnout Gear-level 3 and their revolutionary TECGEN 71 outer shell composite on display at our booth. The TECGEN 71 material boasts performances 20% lighter, 45% thinner, 70% more flexible, and 50% higher heat dispersion without sacrificing thermal protective performance than their previous material.

Key Fire Hose is always looking for ways to improve their products and find innovative ways to aid firefighters, the combat-ready fire hose is a great example of that mentality. The combat-ready fire hose features heat-resistance for those close-range fires, drag-resistance to get in position faster, and kink-resistance so a firefighter never loses pressure when it’s most needed. Key will have a variety of hoses on display and have people on hand to help with a departments selection.

The Ultra Jet Handline Nozzle from Akron Brass is one of their most notable offerings. The UltraJet Nozzle boasts an all-in-one combo of both smooth bore and fog patterns, it’s easy to use and requires no additional training. Akron Brass will also have the Forestry Monitor which is an electronic monitor ideal for brush and wildland firefighting. We will also have the Revel Scout Tactical Scene Light and Revolution Intake Valve. So, don’t miss out on all these great offerings.

W.S. Darley & Co. will be at booth #3721. To see everything W.S. Darley & Co. has planned visit our FDIC page here.