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Equipment of FDIC Part 1

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W.S. Darley & Co will have an impressive number of equipment attractions on display this year at FDIC, so many that we couldn’t fit them into just one post. Safe Fleet’s Fire Research Corp a long-time vendor of Darley will have their flow testing essentials including the DataTron. The DataTron is a portable sampling Flow and Pressure Meter for GPM/LPM (Flow) and kPa/PSI (Pressure) display with all the features you need for serious data gathering in the field. The Fire Research Corp will have experts in the Darley booth to answer questions and give insight into their products.

Another Safe Fleet brand Elkhart Brass will be in our booth showing off the XD Line of products including their impressive RAM XD Monitor. The RAM XD Monitor is a stability system that grips the ground and can be easily deployed by a single firefighter. The system lowers friction loss and produces consistent stream quality. Elkhart Brass experts will be showcasing the system to attendees. 

Safe Fleet isn’t the only vendor you will find in the Darley booth. FLIR’s innovative technologies and dedication to the fire industry have made them a popular brand. FLIR will have an assortment of cameras in our booth including the ever-popular K2, and the rest of the K-line. Several drones will be equipped with FLIR Thermal cameras so don’t miss out on seeing these cameras in action.

W.S Darley & Co will be at booth #3721. To see everything W.S. Darley & Co has planned visit our FDIC page here.

Stay tuned for the second part of Equipment of FDIC

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