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eDarley Showcase - Super Vac

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Super Vac is a family owned business that designs and manufactures ventilation fans for the fire services. They provide some of the most durable and effective products on the market. The biggest changes in their products come in the form of innovations they add to their premiere ventilators. Their most recent offering includes their valor PPV series fans.

Gas Powered Valor PPV Series

It started with a unique fan blade in the 1930s and evolved into a line of premier products. For over 50 years SuperVac has been developing and innovating Positive Pressure Ventilation devices. They offer a variety of different PPVs including electric, gas, large scale, battery and water turbine.

Super Vac Dewalt Battery Blower

The durability of Supervac fans is unmatched. Every PPV blade is made in the U.S using cast aluminum. They use aluminum instead of plastic for its higher heat tolerance and greater durability. Every PPV fan is hand built to the specifications of the customer.

The fire industry is constantly changing and what worked one year might not be as effective the next. Supervac focuses on adding features to their ventilators to make the PPV part of firefighting as easy as possible.

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