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eDarley Showcase FDIC 2018 - Turtle Plastics

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Turtle Plastics is a family operated company founded by Tom Norton 37 years ago. Tom wanted his company to have strong principals of environmental sustainability, today Turtle Plastics stands as an environmentally friendly company that provides a variety of products to their diverse customer base.

Turtle Plastics creates safety products, almost all from 100% recycled plastic. Some of these products include Compartment Tiles, Wedges, and Cribs, all turtle tile products are plastic which provides a more durable alternative to wood. Turtle Plastics guarantees their products against rotting, absorption, termites and mold. They also offer a “take back” program at the end of the product life.

Wedges and Cribs made with wood are inexpensive but have several drawbacks. Wood is naturally absorbent and susceptible to cracks and splinters, not to mention naturally occurring imperfections can reduce performance or render it unusable. Turtle Plastic’s cribs and wedges don’t absorb dangerous liquids or swell when used excessively in water, they are also incredibly durable, long lasting, and lightweight.

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