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eDarley Showcase 2018 - Key Hose

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Key Hose has designed and manufactured hoses for firefighters for over 30 years. Their hoses meet NFPA 1963, and MIL-H-24606 standards. Key Hose provides the highest levels of satisfaction to its customers by working closely with them and adapting to their needs.

One of Key Hose’s most popular offerings is the Combat Ready firehose. The Combat Ready was engineered for low-pressure high-volume nozzles enabling firefighters to get the most water to the base of the fire. The outer jacket is made with abrasion-resistant polyester making it durable but also water resistant, only absorbing 3 pounds of water per 50 feet. Designed to get into the fray the combat-ready hose boasts heat and cold resistance and anti-kink technology, so firefighters won’t lose pressure when they need it most.

Key Hose is devoted to firefighters around the world, and their products reflect this devotion. Key Hose continues to adapt and grow with the emergency responder industry.