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Elkhart Brass is an industry leader in manufacturing firefighting and fire protection equipment. Their reputation spans over 100 years. Their commitment to quality, value and customer service is unmatched. After all this time you can still find Elkhart in its hometown of Elkhart, Indiana. Elkhart Brass manufactures and manages from the town and has expanded to add product research and development, engineering, and product testing.

In the 1920s Elkhart Brass offered the first ball-type shut-off nozzle in the U.S. Elkhart’s Select-O-Matic nozzle continues their push for innovation. Fluctuating water flow is a common problem when fighting fires. The fluctuation can affect water pressure and makes fire streams inconsistent. The Select-O-Matic automatically adjusts to the fluctuating water flow to maintain effective pressure and a consistent fire stream in all flow ranges. 

One of their most recent innovations is W.E.T (Wireless Electronic Technology) that gives operators remote control to monitors from up to a quarter mile away. A monitor is a high capacity water jet that is so powerful they are unable to be used for handline use. Being able to have one firefighter operate a monitor from a safe distance improves the overall safety of firefighters and the effectiveness of the monitor.

For over 100 years Elkhart Brass has served firefighters in the public safety industry. They have been a paragon of quality and innovation. After 100 years they haven’t forgotten their roots in Indiana.

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