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Performance Advantage Company (PAC) offers mounting solutions for first responders, including adjustable, tool, universal, and equipment mounts. If a tool or piece of equipment needs to be mounted, PAC has a solution for it.  Mounts might not be the flashiest part in the fire industry, but they are an integral part of an apparatus.

Firefighters must be flexible and able to adapt to the fire at hand. They need to have access to any of their tools at a moment’s notice. PAC worked closely with firefighters when they designed their Super Adjustamount. It is no surprise that this mount is one of PAC’s most versatile and flexible offerings. One of the biggest benefits of the Super Adjustamount is how quickly and easily someone in full turnout can unmount the tool. Ease of access while dressed in full turnout is an important feature that can be found on PAC’s offerings.

A recent trend running through the fire industry is the clean cab initiative. This initiative is an attempt to reign in the spread of contaminated materials by keeping the tools and gear used in the fire outside of the cab. PAC’s mounts make it possible to attach their gear to the apparatus without having to ride with it in the cab. By keeping the contaminated gear out of the cab, firefighters will be able to reduce their exposure.

PAC offers a variety of mounting solutions, and work closely with the experts in the fire industry to keep firefighters safe. Mounts might not be the flashiest part in the fire industry, but they are invaluable in enabling firefighter’s success.