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Kochek is one of America’s premier manufacturer of fire equipment and fire hose solutions.  Kocheck’s mission is to provide those in the public safety with the tools they need to make their job possible. They do this by providing impeccable customer satisfaction and reinventing and experimenting with new technologies to produce the highest quality solutions at an affordable price.

If a company doesn’t treat their customers right, they will have a difficult time keeping their business afloat. Kochek believes that every product they sell should be free from manufacturing defects. They stand by this statement by providing a five-year warranty on any manufacturing defect in their products.

In this age of innovative technology, if a company isn’t reinventing themselves, they are falling to the wayside. One of Kochek’s recent innovations is their chrome aluminum elbows and adapters. The chrome aluminum is lighter and more cost-effective than products made with other material. Elbows and adapters are used to modify the fire apparatus’ pump. A fire apparatus has a tough job, and every piece needs to be able to withstand an unending amount of use and abuse. Kochek’s chrome line has been tested to be effective in these conditions and won’t flake extensive use.

Kochek serves its customers by providing a great warranty and innovative technology. Add in their extensive testing and adaptability it’s no surprise that Kochek is one of America’s premier manufacturer of fire equipment and fire hose solutions.

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