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eDarley Showcase 2018 - FLIR

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Everyone in the fire industry has heard of FLIR cameras. They have a well-known reputation of providing premier Thermal Imaging Cameras for firefighters. FLIR’s history is full of research and breakthroughs for infrared technology that their presence in high-performance, low-cost thermal imaging solutions is unsurprising. FLIR leads the fire industry in creating some of the most accurate, durable and affordable TICs on the market. Their constant innovations and investments in technology have put them at the forefront of infrared breakthroughs, making FLIR the first choice for thermal imaging cameras.

Established in 1978, FLIR pioneered low cost, high-performance thermal imaging systems for aircrafts. The advancements made when designing these systems for aircrafts gave FLIR the tools to create hand-held systems for commercial applications. In 2003, FLIR attained Indigo Systems. With Indigo Systems FLIR gained access to infrared imaging products, cooled and uncooled detectors and other materials needed to produce handheld thermal imaging cameras.

Today FLIR offers some of the best Thermal Imaging Cameras on the market. The FLIR K55 is a high-performance handheld camera that uses a maintenance-free sensor that produces detail-rich 320x240 resolution thermal images. It can switch image modes based on the situation at hand, including a black and white mode and a heat detection mode. The FLIR K55 has great storage capacity being able to store up to 200 photos or video files that can be played back on the camera or transferred for playback on another device.

If a department can’t afford a K55, FLIR offers a more affordable K2. The K2 doesn’t have all the features of the K55, but it has a built-in camera with a 640x480 resolution and Infrared Camera with 160x120 resolution. While it’s not as detail rich as the K55 the K2 still provides an effective way to see through smoke. The K2 and K55 are lightweight and designed to be used in full turnout while wearing gloves.

The popularity of FLIR thermal imaging cameras is second to none. FLIR is the choice for firefighters around the world because they are reliable, low-cost thermal imaging cameras with a history of success. It’s no surprise that they are the first choice for firefighters.

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