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eDarley Showcase 2018 - C&S Supply

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Based in Northern Colorado C&S Supply has been supporting wildland firefighters for over 20 years. Specializing in the manufacture and service of fire hose nozzles, valves, and foam products. Their dedication to wildland firefighters has given them the pedigree to deliver some of the best wildland products on the market.

One of the many difficulties firefighters face in fighting wildland fires is losing equipment under soot and ash.  C&S Supply counteracts this problem with their line of high viz gear. High viz gear is coated in a bright reflective paint that is easily seen amongst a soot-filled field or a forest floor. High viz gear saves firefighters valuable time as they move from one location to the next.

Wildfire situations change rapidly requiring firefighters to adapt quickly. Rapid adaptation and versatility are two of the most important traits of a wildland firefighter. Every company that serves wildland firefighters needs to live by these traits. Recently C&S Supply launched their new Viper Integrated smooth bore line. The Viper Nozzle offers the versatility of variable pattern control from straight stream to wide-angle fog. The Viper expands C&S Supply’s nozzle lines covering situations where the Blue Devil doesn’t excel.

C&S Supply has served the wildland firefighter for over 20 years. Their high viz gear and expanded nozzle line help keep wildland firefighters safe. Their dedication to wildland firefighters has led them to produce industry-leading gear.

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