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eDarley Showcase 2018 - Akron Brass

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Headquartered in Wooster, OH, Akron Brass is the leading global manufacturer of high-performance products, engineered and tested for superior fire suppression and emergency response needs. Since its inception in 1918, Akron Brass has pushed nozzles, monitors, and valves to a higher level. Akron Brass focuses on innovation by developing specialized products for equipment wash-down, de-icing, and more.

Akron Brass’ innovation is well known throughout the fire industry. In 1967 Akron Brass introduced their Turbojet Nozzle. The nozzle gave firefighters the ability to control water flow from the nozzle this changed the way firefighters fought fires. 27 years later Akron Brass produced the Assault nozzle one of the first computer designed nozzles on the market. In 2001 Akron Brass released their most ambitious nozzle yet, the Superjet, elimination the long-standing debate between Smooth Bore and Combination Nozzle. Every year Akron Brass pushes the norm and changes the way the fire industry thinks.

More than just nozzles Akron Brass offers a variety of products from scene lights to intake valves. If there is a need in the fire industry, Akron Brass is one of the first to try and solve that need. In 2005 Akron Brass expanded their product line to include vehicular lighting, warning lights, electrical controls, and vehicle multiplexing. If you’re a firefighter and need a tool, Akron Brass has one for you.

Akron Brass is about providing the right gear for the right job. They are focused on innovation and expanding their product line to provide better solutions for their customers. Their people are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of first responders. With nearly 400 employees and the largest global Sales Team in the industry, they are committed and focused on serving first responders all over the world.

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