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Demo the Future of Public Safety Technology at Responder X Live

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Responder X Live hosts a series of events across the nation demoing the future of public safety technology. Darley is one of the partners of Responder X Live along with Amazon web services and Verizon. The event will have demos, from innovative companies including:

3am logo

3am designs and builds a situational tracking system to keep track of where firefighters are where they have been while at a fire.

geospizahoriz logo

Geospiza uses data to reduce community risk and help cities allocate their limited resources to improve the safety of the community.

Soma Global

Soma Global creates a public safety platform that uses the latest innovations to improve dispatch coordination and data management.


Wi-fiber creates wireless networks for smart cities. These networks are decentralized and keep public safety members connected even through disasters.


Waycare produces a platform which enables municipalities to analyze and apply an enormous amount of data coming from vehicles.


Venti’s Firefront is a fully integrated system of low-cost, disposable sensors and a tactical data display that provides real-time information to first responders.


Carbyne is a next-generation Call Handling platform that acts as a gateway for delivering smart data to public safety answering points.


Groupdolists is a platform that helps public safety organizations organize, plan, and coordinate their team.

Haas Alert

HAAS Alert technology delivers real-time alerts to drivers when Responders are en route to a call and on-scene to avoid collisions.


Callyo is an advanced mobile technology for law enforcement investigators to create a safer world for children.

BlueForce Dev

Blueforce Development is a company that focuses on the development of software products that facilitate the formation of arbitrary and spontaneous confederations of people, sensors, and systems using handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

WhiteFox Logo

Whitefox is a global leader in drone airspace security. They produce products to securely manage drones in sensitive airspace.


Flymotion is an industry leader in delivering turnkey unmanned systems, innovative technology solutions, system integration and aerial flight services to Public Safety, Government, and Defense markets.


First Due delivers a platform to share information and collaborate with other firefighters.

The event is located at 1841 W. Hubbard St, Chicago, IL on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 from 3 pm to 6 pm. You can register for the Responder X Live here.