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Control Electric Car Fires with Darley Bridgehill Car Fire Blankets

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Darley is proud to announce a new partnership with Bridgehill. We are the exclusive U.S.A. dealer for Bridgehill fire blankets and fire sails. Based in Norway, Bridgehill is taking a new approach to fighting fires with blankets and sails. The Bridgehill blankets have two purposes: Smothering fires and blocking fire from destroying valuable assets. With electric vehicle usage on the rise, the blankets are a very effective means of smothering these types of car fires, which are difficult to put out and release toxic gases into the atmosphere. They are also being used to extinguish lithium ion fires and in industrial areas to both smother fires and also inhibit them from spreading to machines, inventory, computers or throughout the manufacturing facility. Prepare yourself with Darley and Bridgehill as your solutions provider. To order or for more information, please visit or contact