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Water Rescue
Is Your Department Ready for Water Rescue Season?

Water Rescue operations are complex and demanding. Agencies can’t afford to fall behind in preparing. In this article, we will touch on common water rescue hazards, what gear should be checked, and some easy training suggestions to keep your team sharp.

Firehouse Expo 2020
Firehouse Expo 2020

Firehouse Expo is committed to providing the fire and EMS service’s highest level of excellence in training, education and networking.

Canada’s Fire Chiefs that Fire Rescue Canada Virtual Conference 2020
Canada’s Fire Chiefs that Fire Rescue Canada Virtual Conference 2020

It will come as no surprise to Canada’s Fire Chiefs that Fire Rescue Canada (FRC) 2020 will not take place in person as planned for Montreal, September 13-16. Provincial and public health orders aside, the role, pressures, and budgets of the country’s fire departments, municipalities, and their fire chiefs make this an impossibility.

FRI Virtual Conference
Fire-Rescue International Virtual Conference 2020

While FRI 2020 will be different from past years, our aim remains the same: learning that is purposeful, challenging and engaging, providing opportunities to cultivate meaningful relationships, and supporting your advancement and sustained success.

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The New Catalog Has Arrived. What’s New?

The Darley catalog has arrived and with it brings the newest and most innovative products for first responders. This year has forced departments to adapt and find new ways to safely assist their communities. Darley recognizes this “new normal”, embraces change, and our catalog reflects these changing needs.

Car Fire Blanket
Bridgehill Fire Blanket

The Bridgehill reusable car fire blanket provides the quickest and most effective way to extinguish a car fire by removing oxygen supply. Toxic gases and smoke are stifled immediately in fossil cars. The same immediate result is achieved in electric cars, whose batteries have not been affected by the fire.

Covid-19 Response Capabilities
Covid-19 Response Capabilities

We are currently working closely with numerous supply partners to stock essential items such as: face masks, sanitizers and protective gloves.

FEMA logo
Starting an Assistance to Firefighters Grants

Getting funding is an important but equally challenging part of maintaining a fire department. As equipment ages, it deteriorates and becomes less efficient. Eventually, those inefficiencies add up, and it’s no longer safe to use. Even the most diligent and attentive departments can find themselves with a shortage of funding when a tool unexpectedly breaks, or piece of equipment falls apart. Thankfully departments have access to alternative funding sources this article will concentrate on the AFG process.

The Akron Brass Difference

he Akron Brass Company, a longtime Darley Partner, is the leading global manufacturer of high performance products, engineered and tested for superior fire suppression and emergency response needs.

Vendor Spotlight - Fire-Dex®

Fire-Dex® LLC began in 1983 as a FIREfighting gloves manufacturer with outstanding DEXterity (hence the name Fire-Dex).

FLIR Releases Thermal Imaging Camera Kits to Meet Any Budget

If your department has been hoping to buy a FLIR K-Series TIC that meets the NFPA standard, wait no longer.

Amboy Fire Department InstantEye Purchase

Amboy FD Recently purchased and trained with Darley on their new InstantEye UAS.

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