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What to see at AUSA 2018

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Tactical solutions from Trijicon, MMI Outdoor, and MartinUAV will be on display at AUSA. If you are at the event, you should stop by Darley Defense at booth #3619. We will have the latest tactical innovations from Trijicon and MMI Outdoor.

Trijicon manufactures the most advanced riflescopes and sights for tactical applications. They will have their new Machine Gun Reflex Sight (MGRS) on display. The MGRS increases first hit probability and is versatile enough to be used on various weapon systems.

Trijicon MGRS

They will also have the TA648MGO-M240 6x48 ACOG for the M240 and TA11MGO-M249 3.5x35 ACOG for the M249 for viewing.


These sights incorporate innovative dual-illumination technology and auto adjusting reticle making them powerful scopes.

MMI Outdoor will be showcasing the Switchblade heavy weapons systems bag. Using an innovative modular design this bag can be outfitted to support a variety of different operations. MMI Outdoor team members will be on hand to demonstrate two of their kits for the M240 Machine Gun and the 60mm or 81mm Mortar Team.

Kit Overview

Martin UAV will also be at AUSA their V-BAT will be on display. Martin UAV is a company focused on creating tactical solutions for gaps in current programs. Their V-BAT is an innovation UAV with true VTOL capabilities. The UAV design is simple and efficient and can be manned by as few as two people while still being fully functional.


The V-BAT will be in the MatinUAV’s booth #3341. The Darley Defense team is authorized to help organizations procure the V-BAT.

AUSA is a great event for finding solutions to your organization’s tactical problems. Darley Defense Reps will be on the ground fielding questions and providing solutions for all your team’s needs.

For more information email John Heaton

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