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Employee Profile - Tom Wade, Darley Defense U.S. DoD, Fire & Defense Business Manager

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Tom Wade joined Darley Defense in May of 2017 to provide outside sales capabilities for Darley in Europe as a Regional Sales Manager. Tom is a Retired U.S. DoD Fire Chief with 35 years of Fire & Emergency Services experience with the last 15 years as a fire chief. Tom was recently promoted in 2019 to become the team lead for the Darley Defense Fire Team.

Tom has been in the sales business for some time as a professional photographer during his off time as a firefighter and currently spends time with his wife, Maria, on the weekends, visiting country house estates and local auctions, and finding quality antiques to pass on to interested buyers worldwide. Tom’s focus is on European, Georgian, and Victorian silver, and has spent years learning and researching these antiques.

Tom and Maria also purchased a Victorian house (built in 1848), spending the last three years completely restoring the entire home inside and out. Located in the North Devon coastal village of Ilfracombe, with views of the southern tip of Wales, UK, it is the idyllic location to support Darley Defense customers.

Tom’s passion to support the U.S. military and its allies, with dedicated problem-solving solutions to purchase equipment, PPE and daily operational items make him a valuable asset to the Darley Team.