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Winkler Knives is a company that manufactures high-end performance edged tools (Knives, Axes, etc.). The founder Daniel Winkler started making knives in 1975 and became a fulltime bladesmith in 1988. In 1993 the American Bladesmith Society recognized Daniel Winkler with an accreditation. Winkler’s craftsmen, under Daniel’s supervision, produce some of the highest quality knives and axes on the market.

The quality of Winkler Knives is second to none. Many knife crafters will grind away warpage after heat treatment. While this creates a perfectly shaped knife, the knife loses some of the benefits of a proper heat treatment. Winkler Knives are heat treated after being ground to shape. Which means all Winkler Knives keep their metallurgic attributes.

Crafting a knife or ax is a difficult process. Any mistake at any stage will negatively affect the final product. To remedy this Winkler has inspectors that look for defects at each stage of the crafting process. If a mistake is found the team will redo that step until it has been corrected. This vigilance helps ensure a high-quality product.

Winkler Knives has been producing some of the industry’s highest quality axes and knives. Their motto: The Tradition of the Past, A Legacy for the Future, stands as the steel behind every Winkler craftsman’s resolve.

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Winkler Knives