Darley Defense Days Fort Bragg - Thin Air Bag

It wasn’t too long ago you could find soldiers traveling with one or two green duffels. These duffels could weigh anywhere from 75-100 lbs, along with their other gear. Mark R. Lewis founder of Thin Air Gear saw this and knew there was a better solution in the form of Thin Air Gear’s deployment bag.

Thin Air Gear’s deployment bag was developed from the ground up for the modern-day soldier. Up until this point, soldiers were using duffels or repurposed bags. By focusing on the soldier Thin Air Gear was able to create a bag that filled all the needs of a soldier rather than a few.

Did we mention that Thin Air Gear’s deployment bag comes with a lifetime warranty? If that doesn’t speak for their confidence in durability nothing will. As soldiers needs evolve, Thin Air Gear continues to design their bags to fill these needs.

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