Darley Defense Days Fort Bragg - Getac

Getac is a company that designs electronics that offer protection from drops, shocks, spills, vibrations and more. Getac focuses on providing reliable products that can survive extreme environments and unforgiving use.

Getac’s computer chassis provide the strength and support needed to operate in extreme environments. They use high-quality magnesium alloy in their products, to bolster its durability. An unfortunate trade-off to a stronger chassis is an increased amount of heat. Competitors choose to reduce their product’s performance to reduce heat.

Getac’s innovative designs dissipate heat avoiding the need to reduce their electronics performance.

Even rugged computers will take enough hits to stop working. Getac’s R&D labs run extreme tests to see how long each product can last in a certain environment. Getac products will operate in -20-degree weather and extreme heat.

Getac makes their electronics with the latest and greatest, from next-generation processors to long lasting battery packs. But they also offer removable batteries and hard drives. Extra batteries allow Getac products to function for far longer than normal.

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