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Darley Defense is proud to support Caveman Apothecary. Caveman Apothecary is a veteran-owned company that makes blended soaps, and creams, while also offering unique handcrafted tools for shaving. Being veteran-owned they are an avid supporter of the Green Beret Foundation.

Growing a beard is one of the most rewarding feelings for a man. As many find on their beard growing journey maintaining a soft and clean beard can be a challenge. A generic shampoo isn’t designed to clean beards, so it often leaves them rough, brittle, and dry. Caveman Apothecary offers a range of products made specifically for use on beards. Caveman’s Beard Oil, for instance, works as both a pre-shave and softening oil and keeps beards moisturized.

If you aren’t growing a beard, Caveman offers an assortment of grooming materials for your face and body. From body washes to exfoliators Caveman creates the products needed to keep the rugged warrior clean. They also assemble handcrafted razors and brushes which are both durable and robust.

The Caveman Apothecary is more than an advocate of a clean beard, they are also avid supporters of the Green Beret Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to help green berets and their families through life’s challenges. The owner of Caveman is a green beret who understands the challenges of life after completing one’s service to the military.

A healthy and soft beard is never out of reach with Caveman Apothecary. Darley Defense is proud to sell Caveman Apothecary products. To find out more about the products Caveman Apothecary has to offer contact your Darley Defense Rep.

by Ben Gaughan