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Self Testing Technology

Our patented Self Testing Technology is the only auto calibrating and self testing system on the market.  What does this mean?  It means installation requires much less time because the panel does all the work for you.  The panel learns the installation parameters and effectively finds the ideal conditions to meet the demands of the fire system.

Fire pump systems are similar to any car or piece of equipment with moving parts.  If it is not tested, there is a high chance the system will not work!  The Self Testing takes out the human element in testing and automatically performs bi-monthly test of the system.  The pump will respond to an actual drop in pressure (similar to a real fire setting).  After each completed test the green check mark appears on the system, letting the home owner know that their system is charged, checked and ready to go!  An Ethernet cable can be connected to notify end users about the status of their system and can be remotely monitor at any time.


The Pumperciser will perform a weekly automatic start/stop of the pump.  This is an enhanced level of automated exercise to help protect the longevity of the pump and ensure the system will operate correctly in a fire setting.

RD Panel

The RD Panel is a very cost effective, entry level panel that helps lower the risk of pump hammering during installation and after human induced testing procedures.

Past Customers and Testimonials

Backed by over 106 years of reliable products and service, you can be assured of the highest quality fire protection products.  Fire Sprinkler Pumps has successfully sold systems across the United States of America to local contractors and house builders, while also selling internationally to regions in Canada, Caribbean and South America.  Below you can find specific case studies that show successful products implementations and happy customers. Please download documents below to learn more about our specific customer success stories.

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