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Darley Pumps Division Directory
Chippewa Falls Pump Manufacturing Plant
Main: 1.715.726.2650 | Toll Free: 1.800.634.7812 | Fax: 1.715.726.2656
1051 Palmer St.
Chippewa Falls , WI 54729
Mike Adams
Mike Adams
Western U.S. Dealer Development and Municipal Sales Manager
Bill Alm
Bill Alm
OEM Sales Manager
Tony Biasi
Outside Sales Representative
Robert Bond
Rob Bond
Sales Manager
Direct Line: 1.319.987.2121
Troy Carothers
Troy Carothers
Auto CAFS Manager
Direct Line: 800-634-7812
Cell: 715-720-2667
Steve Chamberlin
Steve Chamberlin
Lead Engineer
Direct Line: 319.987.2226
Paul Danielson
Paul Danielson
Customer Service Rep
Cell: 715.720.2678
Photo of Jim Darley
Jim Darley
Pump Division Sales Mgr.
Direct Line: 708.273.6906
Cell: 708.902.0020
Jason Darley
Jason Darley
North American Sales Mgr.
Direct Line: 1.715.726.2650
Cell: 1.715.456.9390
Ryan Darley Staff Photo
Ryan Darley
International Sales Manager
Cell: 1.612.799.5598
Paul Darley Staff Photo
Paul Darley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Direct Line: 1.708.273.6920
Cell: 1.708.267.6288
Jeff Darley Photo
Jeff Darley
Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President
Direct Line: 1.715.720.2527
Tim DeWitz
Tim Dewitz
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Cell: 715.559.0218
Greg Field
Gregory Field
General Manager Pump Division
Cell: 715.944.9559
Chris Gannon
Chris Gannon
Business Develoment Manager - Latin America & Caribbean
Cell: 591 60004824
Wayne Hable
Wayne Hable
Pump Engineer
Bruce Ireland
Bruce Ireland
Midwest Dealer Development and Municipal Sales Manager
Cell: 817-964-4118
Shawn Kelly
Northeast Dealer Development and Municipal Sales Manager
Cell: 717-723-7398
Marius Koekemoer
Marius Koekemoer
Sales Manager Africa
Cell: 27 813748534
Jack Moore
Jack Moore
Pump Sales Representative
Direct Line: 630-735-3556
Lairy Normand
Lairy Normand
Customer Service Manager
Cell: 715.720.2526
Jim Weigle
Middle East
Cell: 352-302-8931
Damian Wing
International Sales Rep Australia
Cell: 61.413.385.880
Trevor Wing
International Sales Rep Australia
Cell: 61.407.901.474