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Charlotte Fire Truck with Darley Pump
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With Boston, Charlotte and many others switching to Darley pumps, the question has been asked, Why? Darley takes pride in offering the most efficient pumps on the market and the best possible service to our customers with quick answers and solid support. Here are a couple of reasons that have compelled more departments than ever to make the switch to a Darley Pump in 2017.

The weight and size of a pump directly influences your apparatus design, GVWR, water tank size, overall wheelbase, availability of equipment storage, and water carrying capacity. Darley pumps are on average 20% smaller and lighter than our competitors’ products when rated at the same flows. The bigger the pump the more difficult the accessibility for regular maintenance, or, the bigger the pumphouse will need to be. At Darley we take pride in offering the most efficient design allowing our pumps to minimize the pumps impact on the fire apparatus & GVWR & maximize your apparatuses capabilities.

Things Happen, regardless of brand, when things happen with Darley pumps you are in good hands. Due to competitors longer lead times on parts or, in some cases, continued failures or maintenance issues with their current brand many departments buy extra parts and store them allowing the department to have the replacement readily available. Darley’s pump division ships nearly 90% of parts the same day we get a call. This small bit of customer support means a fire department doesn’t have to waste space and resources on spare parts that may never get used and that the parts will be there when you need them not when you don’t or weeks after you do.

Pumps wear down over time and it’s normal for a pump to lose a small percentage of its power given impurities in all water supplies acting like a sand blaster on components. To combat this many fire departments have paid for a pump typically rated at a higher flow and ‘de-rate’ it to ensure the pump will pass the annual tests after a few or several years of service. Darley pumps are manufactured to flow a minimum of 10% over the rated capacity from draft. So, when you buy a Darley pump you don’t have to over pay to pass your annual NFPA pump test after a few years, you just have to buy a Darley.

A company’s warranty policy is a good indicator on how confident a company is in their product. Darley offers a Warranty that is unparalleled in the industry, six years which includes three years of Parts and Labor coverage at no additional charge. Darley’s warranty reflects our belief in standing behind our product.

Darley’s core values include Integrity, passionate customer focus, and relationships based on respect. Darley believes in giving the best because we believe our customers deserve nothing less. Our 146 employees in our pump division truly believe we are fighting fires with our customers every day…and its easy for our team to show up every day and perform to our highest capacity with that in mind.

After 110 years in business, you can still talk to a Darley. “The service we have received from your company has been second to none,” said Capt. Buddy Caldwell of Charlotte to Jason Darley. The reception of Darley pumps has been exceedingly positive and fire departments continue to be thrilled with the features and services that Darley provides. The question isn’t why are departments switching to Darley Pumps, the question is why hasn’t yours?

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