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Yong Zhou Fire Department, Yong Zhou, China

Yong Zhou Fire Department recently took delivery of job #3255 from Darley Apparatus. The apparatus features a Spartan Tandem Metro Star chassis and extruded aluminum body with a 400HP Euro Engine package and 68 gallon fuel tank. Pumps include a Darley EMBC 2000 Single Stage Pump with Auto Control electronic pressure governor and AutoCAFS II CFM with Foam Pro 2001 CAFS. Other features include roll-up doors, a 2378 gallon copolymer water tank and hydraulic ladder rack.

You can download specs, features, drawings and more on this apparatus using the links below. To learn more about Darley Apparatus contact us using the information to the right.

3255 Summary
3255 Specifications
3255 Features
3255 Drawing 1
3255 Drawing 2