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Inside Darley Podcast: Polybilt Bodies

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Tim Dean of our Polybilt Division tells us a bit about his history and how Polybilt started. Polybilt is a specially formulated co-poly which is as light as or lighter than aluminum but provides greater impact resistance and far better corrosion resistance.

It’s surprising just how quickly corrosion or high intensity use can wear on the durability of aluminum. Tim explains that Fire Apparatus’ are being used for more than just putting out fires, and that the need for a body that can withstand harder conditions is imperative when building these vehicles.

Tim explains to us how Polybilt can be used to create an all in one body. An all in one body is a body that has the water tank already built into the body. Normally the process has the body and water tank built separately. Having an all in one body saves space and material which means the end product will have more space for peripherals and be lighter.

Times are changing and fire trucks are now more of an emergency response vehicle than any time before. As Fire Apparatus’ evolve, so must the material used to build them.

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