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Sheldon Fire and Rescue, Houston, Texas

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Darley Apparatus recently delivered this 1500 GPM Darley WASP CAFS to Sheldon Fire and Rescue in Texas.  The truck features a Ford F550 Super Crew 4x4 XLT with a copolymer body and Robinson roll up doors.  The controls feature a side design pump operator’s panel and module controlling a Darley Single Stage PSMC 1500 GPM pump and Darley AutoCAFS I-120 CFM Package with Foam Pro 2001 Class A.  Rounding out the features include a 300 gallon tank and 12 Volt multiplex system.

You can download specs, features, drawings and more on this apparatus using the links below.  To learn more about Darley Apparatus contact us using the information to the right. 

3248 Summary
3248 Specifications
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3248 Drawing 1
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