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North Evans Fire District’s Darley Max WASP

The North Evans Fire District’s new fire apparatus is a force to be reckoned with. The truck is built on a 2020 Ford 550 performance blue chassis with a powerful 330 horsepower 6.7L diesel engine. The pump is a formidable Darley LSM 1000 GPM fire pump, with a foam injection system. The truck is also modified with a custom lift kit and other bells and whistles to put this truck over the top.

The backbone of the truck is the 2020 Ford 550, with a 330-horsepower diesel engine that has a GVWR of 19,500 lbs. With these specifications, this truck can handle any problem thrown at it.

The powerful chassis comes with a pump to match. The Darley LSM 1000 GPM fire pump lets the WASP punch higher than trucks of similar size. The LSM 1000 can push 1000 GPM of water at 150 PSI. In addition to water, the pump has a foam injection system, which gives it a solid punch in areas where water sources are scarce.

The body of the truck is built from PolyBilt’s Polyprene™ construction. Utilizing thermoplastic technology, PolyBilt® bodies resist cracking and fatigue even under constant movement. PolyBilt® produces the highest quality thermoplastic bodies that withstand force from torque and impact, provide maximized storage, and yield superior strength in hot and cold temperatures.

Another impressive feature of this efficient truck is that it can go off-road, thanks to its lifted chassis. One of the most significant issues rural fire departments face is the inability to get a truck to the heart of a fire. The extra ground clearance allows the WASP to take routes that would otherwise be inaccessible when trying to tackle a potential wildfire.

When going off-road, a truck needs to have water stored; if a water source is not nearby. The truck is outfitted with a 320-gallon water tank and 25 gallons of storage for foam solution. So, when the truck heads off the road to quell a wildfire, it can swap to foam and efficiently use the water in the tank.

We like to make use of every inch of the truck when designing them. The North Evan’s truck has driver and passenger compartments on the side of the truck. The compartments are loaded with slide-out trays for tools, and the section closest to the front of the truck has outlets for charging components and gear. On top of the truck, there are 3 suction hoses and a folding 8-foot roof ladder. The truck has 3 different cross lays, 2 of them to hold 1 ½ and 1 ¾ hose, and the rear cross lay to holds 2 ½ hose, and finally, there is a booster real in the rear compartment.

North Evan’s Darley WASP is just one of the kinds of trucks Darley can tailor to a department’s needs. If you want more information on how Darley can help build your new apparatus, email Troy M. Carothers.