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Darley Apparatus Capabilities Brochure

Darley Apparatus are known for their high quality and impressive durability. It all starts with our experienced sales team dedicated to manufacturing the truck to fit your department’s needs. All Darley Apparatus are built in the US by a team of skilled craftsmen and rigorously tested before delivery. No matter a department’s need, Darley has a truck for it.

A great feature Darley offers departments thinking about purchasing a new apparatus is the EZ spec program. The EZ spec program determines which apparatus will work best for your team, whether its rescue pumper, tanker or wildland vehicle; Darley has you covered. You can find the program here.

There is no greater fear for a department than getting an apparatus that cannot perform its job. So, having customization options should always be a factor when browsing for apparatus. Darley is more than happy to engineer a custom apparatus to meet a department’s needs. Darley’s team is made up of former fire chiefs and expert engineers. They understand the challenges departments have and have solutions ready for any situation.

The Vision series of apparatus are highly customizable, brings incredible durability, and is equipped with the latest innovative technology. Customers are given a choice of pump system, chassis type, CAFS enabled, and control panels. The Vision series is a great choice for urban environments and tackling structure fires.

The WASP Quick Attack is a series of apparatus specifically designed for wildland operations. The WASP is engineered to get to the fire quickly and into places that a full-size pumper jest cannot access. The unit features all-wheel drive, an overall height under 8’ tall, and an optional curbside pump panel that adds increased safety for the pump operator during highway response. Darley’s easy-to-operate autocafs compressed air foam system gives the WASP the punch and staying power to tackle wildland fires.

All Darley apparatus are outfitted with Polybilt bodies. PolyBilt bodies resist cracking and fatigue even under constant movement. PolyBilt’s Polyprene™ construction will not dent, ding, rust or corrode. The bodies also maintain durability through intense hot and cold temperatures. A Polybilt body is one of the keys to how Darley Apparatus stay in service for so long.