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CAFS Vision Pumper to Port Edwards, WI

Port Edwards, WI took delivery of a Darley Vision Pumper.

The apparatus uses a Spartan 380 HP Metro Star chassis, equipped with a Darley PSMC 1500 Pump with CAFS. The engine is a Cummins L 9 380 horsepower engine.

Port Edwards Darley Vision Pumper
Port Edwards Darley Vision Pumper

The truck’s water & foam tank capacity is over 2,000 gallons.

Port Edwards Darley Vision Pumper Storage
Port Edwards Darley Vision Pumper Storage

The Darley PSM Pump line has grown to be the first choice for many FDs and OEMs seeking the flexibility of our compact & module design. Features on the pump include, but are not limited to:

• Helical Cut Gears: Strong power transference, noise reduction, and long life

• Vacuum cast impellers for maximum efficiency

• Broached impellers, splined shafts and silicon carbide mechanical seals for maximum durability

• MagnaTransTM transmission with a torque rating of 19,230 lb-ft: the strongest on the market

• AutoCool™ Transmission Cooler: Cools gear case by convection with a cooling plate with no chance of contamination

• Transmission Dip Stick and Powder Coated Transmission Interiors: Conveniently check the oil level with the transmission dip stick

• Powder coated transmission interiors to eliminate moisture