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1500 GPM WASP CAFS Darley WASP to Churchill Volunteer Fire Company, Pittsburgh, PA

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Churchill Volunteer Fire Company Pittsburgh, PA took delivery of a Darley 1500 GPM WASP CAFS.

The apparatus uses a Ford F-550 severe duty truck chassis. Darley equipped the apparatus with a Darley PSMC single stage pump, rated at 1500 GPM. The pump is light and compact but can push flows in excess of 1800 gpm from draft. Not only is the pump incredibly efficient it also has a Mechanical Seal and MagnaTrans Gearbox.

The truck has a 300-gallon booster tank and 30-gallon foam tank, to make use of the CAF system.

The body and water tank are fabricated using Aristech TI-4007-L polymer (or equal) extruded sheets; providing a durable, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, and lightweight design.

Darley added compartments in the rear that use the same copolymer material. The compartments use roll-up doors for easy access to the gear inside.

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