WSRS Episode 7 – First-in Last-Out

Knowledge is power, and a lack of knowledge can lead to disaster. Firefighters exercise to keep in shape and be sharp on the job. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for firefighters to have deficits in their training. A great deal of these deficits come in the more technical aspects of operating the engine and fire hose. First-In Last-Out trains firefighters to overcome these technical shortfalls.

An issue First-In Last-Out frequently runs into is fire departments not having a system. The moment an engine arrives on the scene, water needs to be put on the fire inside of 90 seconds. Without a system, a fire department will have a difficult time making that mark. Having no system is one problem, but having a mixture of techniques can create significant problems. By implementing a single system, every firefighter will know their role and what’s demanded of them upon arriving at a fire.

Another problem they see in the fire industry is a training bias. Firefighters will train in areas they feel most comfortable and avoid training skills they don’t feel comfortable. Unfortunately, this creates a bias for a certain type of training and a deficit in skillsets. Firefighters who let training bias take over will find themselves unprepared when something unexpected happens at a fire.

Firefighters should never stop training because it’s not just one person’s life on the line it’s an entire team. If you want to learn more about First-In Last-Out visit their website.