WSRS Episode 6 – Brothers Helping Brothers

Rural fire departments often do not have the proper funding to afford the tools and equipment needed to fight fires. Fire departments rely on their own personnel to refurbish and recycle old equipment. Brothers Helping Brothers hopes to lend a hand to these struggling departments. Brothers Helping Brothers is an organization that raises funds to helps rural fire departments purchase the tools and equipment they need.

One trait that all firefighters share is the passion to help people. Art Springer was a volunteer firefighter who embodied this trait. Whenever his department didn’t have the tools or gear to fight fires safely, he’d go out and purchase them himself. What he couldn’t purchase he refurbished. Unfortunately, Art’s life was cut short after battling the H1N1 virus, but his passion inspired his firefighting brothers. Brothers Helping Brothers was started to help raise money for Art’s medical expenses, but after Art passed, they continued to help their firefighting brothers to honor Art’s memory.

The cost of fire gear isn’t cheap. Each year more equipment used by rural fire departments becomes obsolete or broken beyond repair. If you want to help these departments consider donating to brothers helping brothers here.

You can the Brothers Helping Brothers website here.